Middle School Athletic Philosophy

The emphasis of athletics at the APPA International School level is on cultivating student interest, skill development, proper technique and learning the rules of the particular sport more so than winning. It is vital for participants to have fun and enjoy their experience to encourage future participation in the junior varsity and varsity programs. Playing time will be emphasized to expose the participants to game situations which will further develop skills and knowledge of the sport.

Interscholastic Athletics

As a general rule, there will be no cuts at the middle school level. However, if total team numbers go above 14 for basketball or 26 in soccer, all members may not be issued a uniform or receive playing time in every contest. (Budget implication: With no cut policy, APPA School teams will need to have separate uniforms and not use varsity or JV discarded uniforms due to fewer numbers on teams).

Team participation at the MS level should adhere to the following guidelines:

• Sixth and seventh grade student/athletes are only eligible for a JV sport if a APPA School program is not offered or there are not enough 8-10 graders to keep the JV program operating.

• Eighth grade student/athletes are eligible for all APPA School and JV teams. An eighth grader may participate on a varsity team under the following circumstances: - as a starter or regular contributor in practices and contests. - when numbers are necessary to keep the varsity program operating. In either situation, written rational must be submitted by the head coach to the athletic director. The student’s academic standing should be considered in determining eligibility for participation at the JV or varsity level.

• Athletes are expected to inform their teachers a day or two before missing class to receive homework or class handouts. Any homework or assignment, including a test missed, is to be handed in or taken the next day. Coaches should remind athletes of this responsibility throughout the season.

Practices and contests should be no more than 4 days per week. Occasionally five days in a given week may be necessary for travel scheduling purposes. As a general rule, APPA School teams will not be dismissed before 2:45 p.m. One time in each sport season the team may be dismissed at the end of 6th period to permit travel for a more distant opponent. An attempt will be made to limit away contests to two each week and only one early dismissal per week.

The total number of contests should adhere to the following guidelines: • Basketball 14 max if two teams 16 max if one team • Volleyball 16 max if one team • Soccer 10 max • Track/CC 8 meets