College & Career Counseling:

EMMS and EMHS College, Church Service and Career Curriculum Parents are encouraged to contact the school counselors at anytime for information, or perspective on their student’s course of study, career interests and after high school options. Students are encouraged to make appointments or drop in whenever they have a question. Counselors are readily accessible to students in 3 different offices. All three counselors meet regularly to consult and plan.

6 –8th

  • EMMS Exploration weeks include introducing students to people in various careers.
  • Individual counseling help is given to all 8th graders making decisions about high school course of study.


  • All high school students are given information about the local College Fair held each fall at JMU, which features well over 70 colleges and trade schools.
  • Mennonite College Day provides opportunity for EMS students and their parents to talk with admissions counselors from 4-5 Mennonite schools.
  • The course work of each student is reviewed every year for appropriate classes depending on the student’s diploma path.
  • Chapels often feature alumni who have served in church agencies or adults who are involved in church work.

9th Grade

  • Freshmen are introduced to the college counselor in English class along with the other counseling personnel. The importance of high school grades in the formation of a GPA is explained. Honor Scholar options are highlighted. Naviance/Family Connection, which is a college and career search tool that will be used each year throughout high school, is introduced. Students are shown how to begin building their resume on Family Connection.
  • When available, a couple juniors or seniors come along to give advice on how to make the best use of high school academically, socially and spiritually or an outside career resource comes in to inspire students towards qualities valued in the workplace.
  • Standardized test results from tests given in the fall are reviewed individually and career interests are explored along with help planning next year’s course work.

10th Grade

  • Extensive use of the Naviance/Family Connection website takes place in English 10 while researching a paper on a career of their choice. A personality assessment is taken which then correlates with a wide range of careers. Each student explores a career in depth.  
  • Individual review of student’s high school academic career and plans for 11th and 12th grade take place in 3rd quarter. Ideas for after high school training, service and a gap year are explored.
  • Massanutten Technical School highlights technical careers to all sophomores during a presentation at EMS. Visitation to MTC programs that interest students takes place in January.

11th Grade

  • The PSAT is taken by all juniors in October. A brief preparation session for the PSAT is available if students wish to attend. Practice booklets are given to all students.
  • Individual review of PSAT scores and discussions on future planning takes place with all juniors in December/January when scores are returned. Transcripts and GPA are reviewed.
  • Students are given materials about all Virginia colleges. Additionally Naviance/Family Connection, which has an excellent college search tool, is introduced to juniors.
  • It is recommended that juniors visit at least three colleges in their junior year.
  • EMU admissions personnel present a session on how to choose a college, any college not necessarily EMU.
  • A college essay is written in Advanced Composition class and feedback given on strengthening the essay.
  • Students are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT at least once in the junior year. SAT subject tests can also be taken when students are ready if they are going to a college that requires the SAT subject test. Online test prep is available at 
  •  Algebra II and Pre Calculus teachers often use the math section of the SAT to prepare students for the test.

12th Grade

  • A guidance session in government in September gives instruction on the ins and outs of completing college applications along with tips on how to make the senior year a success. 
  • The College Counselor is easily available to students in the library a half hour before school and every lunchtime in addition to afternoons.
  • Senior week in October is reserved for individual discussion of after high school planning. 
  • Church agencies come to government class during October to familiarize students with these options.
  • Seniors are encouraged to use days off school for additional college visiting.

Parent Information Nights

  • 8th -10th grade parent’s night focuses on understanding the EMS high school curriculum and building the strongest curriculum plan possible for each student. 9th graders have been introduced to developing a resume which parent’s can view on Family Connection and encourage additions to the resume through involvement in or out school that captures their deep interests. Observations are given on how to help students balance their lives for healthy growth in all areas.

11th grade parent’s night

  • focuses on the tasks of the junior year particularly the college search, the importance of course selection in the senior year, SAT’s and ACT’s and the development of the student’s total portfolio. Financial aid information is also presented.

12th grade parent’s night

  • revolves around the particularities of various kinds of college applications and terminology, the importance of communication on Family Connection/Naviance and further information on financial aid and scholarships.

Parents are encouraged to meet with the counselors at anytime along with their student to explore the needs of a particular student and family’s situation.

The senior guidance counselor attends workshops at UVA and Mennonite Colleges every year. On most years a workshop at Mary Washington or JMU is attended. A weeklong tour has been taken of private Virginia schools including: Marymont, Virginia Wesleyan, University of Richmond. Numerous other colleges have been visited: Haverford, Earlham, Grinnell, Swarthmore, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Dickinson. Columbia, and NYU.