Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul (20 minutes by car from APPA School)

Clubs and Activities:

Middle School
One statistic that we are very pleased and proud of at DDS is the percentage of students that participate in co curricular activities.  Over the past several years, that number has been between 93% and 95% of the student body! Whether through music, drama, athletics or a club, students are connected to the school community when they participate in co-curricular activities.

Clubs play an active role in the life of students at DDS.  Students sign up for clubs which interest them and many choose to participate in multiple clubs.  All clubs have a faculty sponsor to provide leadership and supervision.  Each year, an effort is made to offer clubs that meet the interests of all age groups.  Students may request a specific club if sufficient interest is expressed by a group of students. Meetings times and frequency vary per club and students are allowed to explore as many clubs as their schedule allows.


Math, Science, Dance, Sports, Music Band, UN, NGO, Business, Arts, Photography, Computer, etc.

Han River Athletic Park in Namyangju (5 minutes by car from APPA School)