Eastern Mennonite High School Enrollment for APPA International School Students:

Academics at Eastern Mennonite High School are first and foremost built around rigorous core content.   We have discovered that asking students to examine significant Biblical teachings germane to the topic/issue under discussion often helps clarify moral and ethical understandings—and calls students to a greater faith commitment and greater understanding of the world around them. 

Since our students are not required to take SOL exams, our teachers can focus primarily on challenging students to become flexible, creative and articulate thinkers. In each class, teachers utilize strategies which require students to grow in Gifted Behaviors (including Emotional Intelligence skills), and strategies which require student brains to make meaning.  

Our high school teachers build on the significant writing program which permeates the Elementary and Middle School “divisions."  Each teacher is committed to requiring a substantial writing assignment at least once each nine weeks.  Required and elective English classes emphasize clarity, conciseness and vigor in student writing.  Our graduates, regardless of university or college attending, consistently come back to thank us for excellent writing preparation.  Click here for our complete school profile to learn more about our graduates.

Explore the Elementary, Middle and High School academic programs by visiting us!  We'd like you to discover for yourself how an Eastern Mennonite School education creates a thoughtful, reflective, articulate individual—not a test score!